Flashback Wednesday…

That’s a thing right? Well we are going to make it one today!!! I was going through older galleries doing the big purge and making sure to grab my favorites to save. I came across this little gem and I just love it.

Miss A. I just love her. Obviously she is a little princess!! You can tell… right??

As the weather changes, I start to make all of these plans for what I will do when things slow down. With the holidays quickly approaching I am stupid excited!!!!!

Have a great Wednesday readers!

October… you crazy month!

Fall is always a busy month. This has already been my busiest year yet and October is following that trend!! Love it. I could use a rest day though! Maybe a snack or ten.

Yesterday some of the local schools were out for the day. I used the opening to schedule with a few seniors! Yay!!!! Take a look!!

First up, we have Maddie. Isn’t she lovely?

Next up is Heaven! Such a sweetheart!

And last but not least, Jade! Such a spitfire!!

Homecoming K+K

It rained on homecoming this year. It rained for prom in the spring so I am not surprised. It was nice all day. It was nice after photos. During photos, it rained. It poured. We tried to hide under a pavilion to grab some photos and it worked. Once it slowed down and eventually stopped raining, the real fun began.

Thanks for looking!!

Volleyball – Tuesday 9/17/19

I caught a volleyball game on Tuesday. It was a great game!!!! Very exciting! Anyways, I had five subjects and here is a shot for each. I am sending out their galleries today so figured I should post a few here. I’m terrible at blogging. It seems the more I say I will do better, the more I procrastinate and don’t do it!! Shame on me. I’ll keep trying! How do you stay motivated to blog?

Anyways!!! Thanks for looking! Have a great Thursday!

More Sunflowers…

Another blog post containing sunflower photos. Why not? It’s my blog right? The fun part? Sunflower field #2 is ready next week so EVEN MORE SUNFLOWER SESSIONS to come!!!! I know you’re excited. I am excited. My husband? Not so much. He’s not such a fan. It will be ok though.

Meet Maddie. She’s getting ready to start her senior year of high school and she NAILED this sunflower session. There are more over on my facebook page. You should go like it to see them. I’ll wait.

Welcome back. I hope you enjoyed my Facebook page. 🙂

Have a great day reader.

Sunflowers 2019

I can’t get enough of sunflower fields. I love them. I leave them with way too many bug bites and ruined shoes but so worth it. I schedule my life around them when they are in bloom. For about 2 weeks each year, each sunflower field in my area becomes my absolute favorite place to be. I love when folks want to do photo sessions in the sunflowers, even if it does mean I have to share the beauty of the sunflower fields with others.

These siblings were hilarious during their session. We discussed farts, siblings, food and so much more. I laughed so hard the entire time. Thanks for looking!!!

Senior Session ~ Avery

This beauty had her senior session last week and oh my goodness!!! I knew during the session the photos were going to be special but they are SPECTACULAR!

Not only can you see this gal play volleyball and softball for her high school but she also volunteers for the local children hospital! Amazing! She is one of my senior reps and is KILLING it at her sessions. So happy to have found her.

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